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released May 25, 1992

Ben Wrecked: guitars, air gong
Joe Rybicki: bass, vocals
Matt Fish: percussion

music by Ben Wrecked, Joe Rybicki, and Matt Fish
lyrics by Joe Rybicki

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all rights reserved


whatever... Cleveland, Ohio

whatever... was a Cleveland band in the 1990s. We opened for lots of great acts (e.g., Jawbox, Bosstones, Samiam) and even had a following of our own. Really, if you went to a Cleveland punk show in the mid-'90s, chances are pretty good you saw us. This is the stuff we were playing early on.

You can also hit either of the below links to buy the band's final album, Youngsters, on Amazon or iTunes.
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Track Name: My Eyes
Rock star on the radio says that
whenever he closes his eyes
he sees the face of the woman he loves.
Funny, whenever I close my eyes
I see giant purple blotches floating in a field of black.
What's wrong with me?
Or is it me?
Am I the one with the problem here?
Am I the one with the difference here?
Or does he lie to himself?

Politician on the television says that
when he looks at his country
he sees the most generous people in the world.
Funny, when I look at my country,
I see poverty and greed and the people who ignore them.
I see hatred and prejudice
and the people who support them.
I see salvation turn away.
I see our leaders turning grey.
I see the vision lost, and losing hope, I pray.

Dear God, is this how it should be?
Are they all wrong, or is it me?
Dear God, I feel these thoughts again, dear God.

Young woman on the picket line says that
when she looks around her
she sees the world falling apart.
She sees the damage that we've done
and the few who are trying to fix it.
And she has hope.

I look at her and wonder at my own stupidity.
I called them blind to hatred, but my hatred blinded me.
I have hope.
Track Name: Failure
I don't know what you're looking for, my friend.
Are you driving yourself mad
With all the feelings kept inside?
You hide from what matters most.

Your pride decides your actions
Your fear restricts your reactions
You lock yourself inside yourself
You run away

Pushing you to strive for impossible perfection.
Overcome by powerful odds, you strike in all directions.
Trying to convince yourself that what you think is right,
You fail. The fight goes on.

I don't know what you're dying for, my friend.
Have you given up on life?
With all the feelings you must hide
Inside, where no one can help you.

Behind your eyes, contempt.
You hate, distrust a good intent.
You lose yourself inside yourself.
You fade away

Running from a world of impossible perfection
Overcome by powerful odds, you strike in one direction
Failing to convince yourself that what you do is right,
You lose the fight. You fail.
Track Name: Think Like Me
Watch another fall
Hear the dying call
Run to find another helpless
Up against the wall.

You can buy another person's loss
at a fraction of the cost
You can make a profit off of everything you see
But you've got to think like me

Turn your head away
Blind, another day
Put your fingers in your ears
Hope it goes away

You can live under someone else's lies
and tune out all the cries
You can live in comfort in the land of the free
But you've got to think like me

Send your thoughts away
Let your brain decay
Hide your fear; don't make a sound
It's easier that way

You can suck up words you don't believe
You can deceive yourself
You can find security
in making yourself be
like me.
Track Name: Dominion
For every drop of happiness
There's an ocean full of hate
For every mound of hopelessness
There's a tiny speck of faith

We drown ourselves in dark despair
And lay the blame on fate
So we close our eyes,
Stand aside, and wait

The thinking man is ridiculed
A minority of one
But still we search for answers
What do we do?
What have we done?

We cry about the criminals
But fight to keep our guns
And the planet just keeps falling towards the sun

It's a sad, sad world that we live in
And it's sad just how little we have given
And we scream but no one answers
And it seems that no one cares
Thought everybody whines that it's not fair

Dominion of humanity
We fill ourselves with pride
A human face
A human cause
An animal inside
The victims make us happy
But for the killers we all cry, "Why?"
We smile as another color dies

Without our prized possessions
Our power goes away
Material obsession is the motto of today
The symbol of society
Let's all kneel down and pray
This religion's run a different way
Track Name: Reflections of a Rebel Lemming
A simple request:
A minute more
An hour more
A second less
What am I existing for
If all I do is slowly waste away?
What a difference
Just another day
Another day

Locked inside this fragile cage
Of a body that is doomed to age and die
And never know the reason why
Screaming into nothingness
Fighting final emptiness
I try
God knows, I try

I struggle with my soul
I want to be made whole
I want to live
I struggle to be free
I want to remain me
I want to live
Let the world burn
Let me live

I feel it near
I see the signs
I watch the time
I feel the fear
Search but never find
Listen, but I just can't seem to hear
Alternative to life we find so dear

Locked inside this fragile cage
Of a body that is doomed to age
And die and never know the reason why
Raging at the end of me
Hating my mortality
It burns
But I know I'll never learn
Track Name: You Topia
Hail the leaders of the free
Powers of hypocrisy
Tell us how to think
To be imprisoned

What you preach is your own lie
Hide behind you righteous eyes
Reason not to think
To try to live

Welcome to You Topia
Population: one
Set the world down at my feet
My head blocks out the sun
Don't bother me with your petty claims
I know what must be done
Looking out for Number One

Feel the power burning through
Feeling pity, far too few
Forgetting we elected you
Eyes above on glory high
Always reaching, always try
But as you fall you pass it by
It's no use

Exiting You Topia
Population: none
The ground is rushing upwards
And nothing can be done
But save my place of power
For my nephew or my son
Looking out for Number One